6 Scholarship Grants for Vietnamese and Thai Students
(Deadline: 16 June 2014; Course commences August 2014) Visit http://www.ids.polsci.chula.ac.th/ for further details.

MAIDS program at Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University offers a special track or concentration of elective subject courses focused on urban water management and climate change. This will be covered in a total of 12 credits offering of four elective courses.

Subject themes to be covered in these elective courses include water and climate change in cities (urbanisation and water governance; water stress, vulnerability and adaptation; and gender and water management), and urban water systems and resilience building (urban flood management, waste water management, and water supply and sanitation system). These courses will emphasise application and problem-solving in the urban water sector, to be taught by a combination of academic experts and practice resource persons in specific fields.

Who can apply for IDRC scholarship ?

Applicants for special IDRC scholarship on the special study track on urban water management and climate change in MAIDS program should fulfill the following requirements.

1. S/he should pass all the basic requirements admission to the MAIDS program.

2. S/he should be a citizen of Vietnam or Thailand.

3. S/he should be currently employed in government, NGO organisations, and public universities whose units have a mandate and/or involved in water and climate change as a policy and planning field or are engaged in or developing practical intervention programs on these issues.

6 Scholarship Grants (Registration and Tuition Fees) are available for Vietnamese and Thai students

Visit http://www.ids.polsci.chula.ac.th/ for further details.

Theo http://www.ids.polsci.chula.ac.th